Thursday, January 30, 2014

Here Comes the Bride...

     I am so excited to get my blog back up and running. It has been the craziest couple of months and the time to do extra things has slowly been taken up by life. I haven't picked up my camera in well over 4 months so needless to say I am ready to get back to the "fun stuff" in life. 
    As most of you know I am in the midst of wedding planning. Holy cow...TLC shows DO NOT prepare you for the to do lists involved with this stuff. I have never seen so many checklists in my life! Let me tell you, some of the women in the bridal world are crazy. I have seen women booking dates 2 years in advance and people planning before they are even engaged! It is so interesting to see the different brides in the wedding world. 
    I for one can say I am really not stressed or worried at all! I have had the best time planning with my man, family and friends. It is really fun to see a lot of the ideas I have "pinned" coming to life. I seem to only get worried and start to stress when other people ask questions like "What are your vows?", "Have you gotten your rings yet?" and other questions that aren't in my 7-9 months out checklist! I mean come on people...chill. We're going to pull this off  :)  
   I have my dress, the venue, and photogs booked and I am picking up decorations as I go! I am so excited for this day to come but until then I am just loving this process! 
   Recently Caleb and I had our engagements done by Sean Carr Photography who shoots from Wilmington. I asked for a couple good photos, and boy did he just blow my mind. He was incredible to work with and gave us more than we could have ever asked for. If you're looking for a good photographer, check out his website 
   Here are some of the beautiful images he captured! Thank you Sean! 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Proposal

      On Wednesday July 24, the love of my life asked me one of the best questions I have ever heard..."Will you marry me?" Those words I have been waiting to hear finally came out at the perfect time. After 3 and a half years of dating, we are finally ready and beyond excited to take the next step we feel the Lord is leading us to take. We are so grateful for all the love and support shown to us already and we look forward to celebrating this time with you!

       The only two questions I have gotten so far are "How did he do it?" and "When's the date?" The first I can answer and as for the second, we are still in the "enjoying being engaged" stage.

        I must warn you that this is one of the most perfect proposals, and may shatter all the rest from here on at your own risk...

      On Wednesday it was our 3 and a half year anniversary. Caleb decided to surprise me with a day trip. See usually, my alter ego as Caleb calls it Sherlocka Holmes comes out and I always figure out the surprises. However, the day before I was sick, making me too tired to try and figure this day trip out. (I think that was God putting a halt on my brain activity..ha) We set out around 9am and arrived at our first location of Greensboro...can you sense my confusion? We ended up having breakfast at one of our favorite places and took off for another ride, ending up in Raleigh. 
         I have been talking about going to H & M for years, so we finally went :) I thought that was the surprise! 
        After that, we headed to eat lunch with Caleb's old roommate in Raleigh, which really threw me off. I thought we were for sure done for the day and headed back to Charlotte. As we were leaving Raleigh, there were some great jams on the radio so I neglected to pay attention to where we were going. I thought we were headed home and suddenly I saw Wilmington: 60 miles... My inner fireworks went off... We arrived at Wrightsville Beach and did some shopping, followed by changing at my beach club.  

After we changed, Caleb said we had to walk out onto the beach for me to open my present. Let me explain my boo's craftyness...He hand wove the burlap encasing my present and he hand wove my present in general... We walked out on the beach and Caleb made us walk further than usually, I suspected something but didn't let my excitement take over, just in case.  I then proceeded to open my present which was my initials, but instead of SBB it was SPB....Is this really happening??? (FYI Caleb's mom was hiding on the pier taking these wonderful pictures!) 
Caleb, looked at me and asked if I liked it, he asked if I loved it and then he asked if I loved him... Later I found out this was where his big speech was to come in, nerves and excitement apparently got the best of us both. 
Then it happened, he got on his knee and asked me to marry him. 
The only thing I remember during that moment is me saying, "You can get up now!" ;) so sentimental... 
We decided to keep it a secret for just a few days and enjoy it for ourselves and with our idea we have ever had. It was fantastic. We have been on cloud nine, with a few minor freak outs on my part thinking I am already behind on the wedding planning... However, we are so excited to share these pictures with you, and yes for all you asking there is a ring picture! Thank you for sharing in the excitement of this wonderful time!! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Family Time~ Meet the Rogers

It feels so good to be back behind the lens! I have been so busy with school and work that I had to squeeze out time for photography! I'm slowly coming back! This family was such a pleasure to work with, I hope you enjoy as much as I did! 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Let it snow, now let it stop.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it...okay too much snow. Within two hours our sunny city was plastered white. Here's just a few snapshots! Hope you got a chance to play in it, because I am ready for 90 degree temps! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Too blessed to be stressed...

“Too blessed to be stressed”That phrase has constantly been running through my mind these past few weeks. With now 3 jobs and 18 credit hours of classes this semester, my life is on overload (which is exactly how I like it). However, with that plateful comes an overwhelming sense of stress. The world does such a great job luring you into feeling this lack of control and chaos we have come to call stress. We so easily lose focus on the real matter at hand, which is lack of trust and reliance on God.
Philippians 4:6 says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”
Paul reminded the Philippians that the key to peace was grateful prayer. He urged them to give their every anxiety over to God as they gave thanks. More than that, Paul encouraged his readers (including each of us) to focus on things that are beautiful, pure and positive (v.8-9). Meditating on these things develops our ability to notice and appreciate small beauties and increases a sense of thanksgiving to God. A spirit of contentment and gratitude brings peace.
Keeping faith is not always an easy process. Sometimes we feel that life has put its chains on us and that there is no hope. Friends, let me tell you. The single greatest feeling is when those chains of this world are SHATTERED and we run to God knowing that he is who we can always rely on. God wants us to give him the control of everything in our lives. God wants you to place everything in his hands, not because he wants you to be empty, but because he wants to fill you to overflowing. Of all the things we look to for stability and permanence, he is the only true Rock who will never fall or fade away.

I say all this to lead into these next pictures. This past weekend was the first time in a while that I just slowed down and had a day for Summer. I finally gave up on the things around me full of chaos and really focused on doing something that made me happy and really allowed me to have this “free” feeling. Like I said, my life is in utter chaos most of the time, full of running and doing. One of the hardest things is finding friends I can harper a relationship with, simply because time is of the essence. Emily and I have classes together and are both nannies. She understands the chaotic schedule and knows exactly what I am going through. She very willingly helped me out on my special day and I cannot wait to show these pictures to you.
I hope you all have a blessed Valentine’s Day and really begin to see what the true love of Christ means for us. Enjoy!
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